THIS TIME AROUND: Moontricks / Flavours / Gangstronauts + More


There is only one thing that can encompass the entirety of the physical universe as we know it at the same time – it is the moment, here, now. A mere sliver between all that ever was and all that ever will be, the now is the only thing that has ever mattered in deciding both the former and the latter. Yet somehow in our linear perception of time and the ability to look back and forward within it, we seemed to have overlooked the importance of the only moment that we will ever experience. The now has slipped between the cracks of our regrets, accomplishments, nostalgia, yearnings, longings, ambitions, aspirations, plans and goals.

This time around, things will be different. We invite you to come revel in a beautiful series of moments that we have created and curated for the sole purpose of sharing with one another. Throw out your watch, forget your cellphone at home, and dress like you will never go out of style. The time is now, and we are here. Where will you be?

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